Imagine! that: rethinking politics, culture and activism in the North

We’re change specialists, but it’s easy to focus on personal, business or organisational change without seeing the ramifications of that in a wider arena. The Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics is drawing to a close after almost a week of talks, workshops and seminars, exhibitions, quizzes and comedy, and more. Adventures… attended a few of the events, and our account of two of them is available on the Northern Ireland Foundation website.

More generally, though, it’s been exciting to be able to spend time with people engaged – either professionally, academically, or as individuals – with the business of changing attitudes to citizenship, civic participation, and social activity. And the issues in play are important for organisations, groups and businesses trying to think strategically in radically fluid situations: what should the relationship between government and the third sector look like? How can citizens and their communities participate more fully in the strategic and budgetary processes of government?

The people we’ve met at the Imagine! events have been committed to promoting change, not for its own sake, but for the potential impacts on civic, cultural and individual wellbeing. In our own small way, we’re on the same adventure.

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