Why Adventures in Strategy?

Our website spells out what Adventures in Strategy is all about. But in this first blogpost, Martin explains why the name matters…

That’s two questions in one, with at least two answers. But if I start at the simplest, most autobiographical level, it’s a question about why I left a secure public sector role and started upon this venture – this adventure – of trying to make ends meet as a consultant and business analyst specialising in the kind of transformations I’d hoped to help make happen in government.

You might describe my official role, back then, as a change agent. Or that’s what I aimed to be. But nothing much seemed to be changing. All the reasons I had for not taking the risk were exactly the sort of reasons I was hearing across my client business areas for not making the kinds of change that would improve services and meet budgetary challenges: “Too risky. What if something goes wrong? How can we even begin to completely rethink our routines and behaviours?”

So in the end I didn’t feel I had a choice. Time to go.

And why this name, then: why Adventures in Strategy? Because it had seemed to me that the faces I kept meeting in the corridors and elevators were the faces of pretty miserable people. And when I spoke to colleagues, it was pretty clear that attempts to change our organisation weren’t really causing the poor morale I could see everywhere – the root cause was the lack of meaningful change, was the sense of nothing ever making much of a difference.

What was missing was a sense of direction – of strategy – and the energy and excitement that might get us there – the adventure.
So here we go…

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